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Horizon Anatolian Shepherd Dogs - Tennessee Breeder
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Sheryle Hart of Horizon Anatolians has been in dogs all her life. She has titled many dogs in obedience. One of her greatest achievements, the breeder achievement record of excellence (BARX), happened during her time with Belgian Tervurens. The BARX is awarded to a breeder who has produced champions and obedience titled dogs from direct descendents in a breeding program.

Since 1989, Sheryle has focused her time and effort on Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. She serves on the board of directors for the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America and also belongs to two local Tennessee kennel clubs. Her breeding philosophy includes all health certifications required for the breed .... OFA clearances and producing Anatolian Shepherd Dogs of exceptional temperament and working ability. Her breeding program has produced two National Specialty BOB winners, two Eukanuba National Championship BOB winners and a Westminster BOB winner. She has produced multiple AKC Champions and AKC Top Dogs. She has imported Turkish imports in order to introduce new blood and has dedicated herself to the preservation of this ancient Livestock Guardian breed as it has been for thousands of years.

Her future goals include helping to educate the general public so as to make sure they understand the pros and cons of owning this very independent and strong minded breed of dog. Although a very addictive dog once you learn to adapt to their mindset, they are not for everyone. Therefore, Sheryle wants to make sure that only those people who's lifestyle is condusive to living with an Anatolian share this very special bond Anatolian folk have with their dogs.