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Horizon Anatolian Shepherd Dogs - Tennessee Breeder

anatolian with sheep


For more than 20 years Horizon kennel has dedicated itself to preserving this ancient Turkish livestock guardian as it has been for thousands of years. The History of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog states that it is a large powerful livestock guardian whose origins date back for thousands of years. This ancient turkish dog breed is highly prized by the human Turkish shepherds for their loyalty, hardiness, courage, independence, and a nobility that cannot be matched by any other breed of dog. The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs of Horizon are highly socialized, devoted to their families, and gentle with children. They are carefully bred to be adaptable to any situation, including the capability to easily function as the serious flock guardians seen in ancient and modern-day Turkey, or as gentle protectors of family and friends. While living with an Anatolian Shepherd Dog entails more responsibility and committment than most any other breed of dog, they can be a wonderful and intelligent companion, guardian and friend.

This is not a dog for everyone, but living with Anatolian Shepherd Dogs can be an interesting experience and an addictive lifestyle. Anatolian addicts state that:
"Anatolians are like potato chips ... you can't have just one!"


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